At Poinsett Animal Hospital we offer dog and cat boarding for our established clients.  If you are not a client and you wish to board your pet, it is easy to become one.  A few things to know… 

We are a smaller boarding facility. While dogs are kept separated in their kennels and outside we do retain the right to not accept pets that we feel could be a risk to our staff or other boarders.

•We provide comfortable bedding, food, treats, and a yard to play in.  If your pet has a sensitive stomach or is on a specific diet we recommend you bring their regular food. Unfortunately, we must discourage owners from bringing their pets' bedding, blankets, and toys in order to reduce the chances of chewing and ingestion.

•While your pet is staying with us, we will closely monitor their behavior, appetite, medication, and bathroom breaks. Dogs will be let out into our fenced yard in the morning, midday, and evening.  Many days we are able to let the boarders have extra time outside. When the hospital is closed our kennel staff comes in the morning and evening to take care of the pets. We do not keep the kennel staffed overnight.

•Drop off and/or pick up hours are Monday through Friday 7:30a.m.-6:00pm and Saturdays 8:30a.m.-12:00p.m.  Unfortunately, we cannot release pets on Sundays. 

•We charge per night for cats and dogs, not by weight. If any medications are to be administered while staying, there will be a minor charge added to each night of boarding. 

•Reservations to board are required and are taken on a first come first served basis. If your pet has a medical problem we will always try to accommodate you if at all possible. Please be aware that holidays book up quickly and clients need to make reservations well in advance for these dates.  If you have made a reservation that is no longer needed, please call so someone on the cancellation list will be able to board. 

•We do provide bathing for your pets upon request, along with nail trims and ear cleaning. We do not offer grooming unless it is for sanitary purposes. 

Requirements for boarding are as follows: Current vaccinations (bordetella is not required but we do recommend it), intestinal parasite exam, and an exam within the past year by one of our veterinarians. We ask that new clients have this done prior to boarding so that we can become acquainted with your pet.  Please note that if fleas, ticks, or other parasites are found on your pet, they will be treated at an additional charge.

To ease the owners' mind, our experienced staff monitors your pets closely for any problems. Our veterinarians are available at all times in case of any emergencies or other medical problems. Please know that even though we do our very best to make your pet feel comfortable nothing can take the place of home. The vast majority of pets enjoy their stay with us. However some, due to anxiety, will not eat as well or develop mild digestive problems. 


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