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Dental care in dogs and cats has advanced tremendously over the last decade as we continue to recognize the enormous benefits that a healthy mouth provides our pets. Unfortunately dogs and cats do not really have any greater defenses against dental disease than we do. Plaque and tartar will accumulate on their teeth as it does in ours and without proper care this will lead to more serious periodontal disease including tooth abscesses. These teeth become painful and the infection present can even damage organs like the kidneys, liver and heart.

We have seen a great number of dogs and cats with severe dental disease receive the care they require and their tremendous recovery reinforces our commitment to provide excellent dental care for our patients. These pets are happier, pain free, and have clean, fresh mouths now! Please ask us anytime how we can help you care for your pet's teeth. Starting a regular process of preventative care early is critical in stopping the development of severe dental disease in advanced years.

 For more information on pet dental care please see the Veterinary Oral Health Council website.


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